Headlines – Love or Hate or Honesty?

It’s Friday, I am home with my kids. I am blessed to have the chance to work from home here and there – I really can’t complain.

As I went on to check Social Media today though, I was heartbroken at the horrible images and headlines about kids being separated from their parents trying to cross the border. Don’t stop reading yet though, trust me. This will be a very honest, blog. I’ll try to stay cordial but there’s things that need to be said.

I know the news have to give us the best of the best although most of the time it’s the best of the worst… With that said, have you ever imagined reading about more good than bad in this world. What if our daily headlines were about Love and kindness and not about Mass shootings, killings, HATE!

I’ve stopped writing for quite a while now simply because I can’t find the correct words… there are no right words.

Was it the fear about being judged? Perhaps, but we are now living in a world that anything or anyone can offend us. Trust me, I’ve done it too. Being a Hispanic person born and raised in L.A. – NEVER have visited Mexico once (the place where my parents came from) yet I get the look too. I know many white people, African Americans, Asians, you name it yet I won’t deny that deep down I wonder if they are thinking what most people now a days think… Immigrant. This entire color fight of who belongs or not is painful.

Then I read comments like “If they see what’s happening while crossing, why do they keep trying?” Believe me, I get that. As a parent, I can only imagine what this families are going through trying to do what’s best for their children. What this Administration is doing is what many have been thinking for years… it just happens that now we have a person in the white house that shows us exactly what many have been feeling for years. True colors are out!

I hope that one day we can all finally see what each one of us is as a person and not just what we get to see on the outside. I don’t believe it will get better anytime soon… Truth is that we are learning to live in a day in age where people are being honest about who they really are.

For those fighting, keep fighting!

For those changing, I thank you!

For those quoting religious quotes with all this madness – SHAME ON YOU! (Yes, I said it)

We are ALL equal.

There’s so much beauty around us. Just stop and look, smile at someone new today, you will feel better about yourself and life.

A new road or a Secret Gate?

We all have reasons to give up, but we have many more reasons to keep on going!

Music has always been a huge part of me and who I am. I love singing although I suck at it but I know it brings me happiness…

Yesterday, my heart shattered though.

The news about Chester Bennington from Linkin Park created a hole in my heart.

This band was an enormous part of my H.S. years… Chester was my “Secret crush” and yes I tried to reach those notes of his, but never did. I remember one day blasting them so loud that my mom said “what are you listening to now?” – I didn’t answer but she didn’t turn it off.

I know right now it just sounds like i’m mumbling but honestly, I am still shocked. I teared up on the drive to work while Z-100 was playing back the interview with Chester from February 2017. How can so much talent be now gone? Why couldn’t anyone help? More and more often, suicide is taking over and although we see the signs after, why don’t we see them when they are asking for help?

Today, it was clear that we need to pay more attention to the signs. To the people that open up to you and although maybe not directly, they are asking for help. Be there, don’t just hear them but listen!

Here is my interpretation, the signs from the song “Heavy” and yes, maybe we saw it as one more song with such impact and amazing lyrics but surely never realized that perhaps this was his way of him reaching out one last time…

I’m holding on
Why is everything so heavy?
Holding on
So much more than I can carry
I keep dragging around what’s bringing me down
If I just let go, I’d be set free
Holding on
Why is everything so heavy?

You can decide to take a new road and different approach at life or follow the secret gate. So in conclusion, pay attention, smile at someone, be kind and listen to your heart. If you or anyone around you needs help, reach out… Don’t be afraid.



Rest in Peace – Chester…

Cars and Quotes

We decided to take the kids to watch Cars 3 today although I personally really wanted to watch it too.

I have two boys and a girl so without giving too much info for those who still haven’t had a chance to watch it, it’s good to see that it’s also a movie for girls!

There was a quote that stuck with me and it said…

Funny what you can do when your not overthinking things!

How many times have we been guilty of this?



Rapid thoughts fill my mind
Everything at the moment seems fine
Loosing patience and strength
Intense misery awaits
Embarrassed and scared
Voices scream in my head
Eventually the pain is gone
Damage has been done…


Phone calls

Oh what a wonderful Friday it was today. I have always enjoyed conversations over text or emails and hearing two of my favorite voices today made it a great day! It reminded me of days past when you would wait for that phone to ring and listen and laugh together…

Both friends I don’t see much because we are far away so staying in touch through FB and IG is the way to go.

But to be completely honest, I miss my friends. I miss hanging out and talking about everything and anything.

We are all mothers now with extremely busy lives and likes but deep down, we remain friends and I hope to keep it that way until we are old and gray…

Never miss an opportunity to tell someone you care.

Wishing you all a good weekend!

Phone Calls